A few months back I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Taiwan to visit my not-so-little-anymore sister. She is currently studying mandarin Chinese in Taipei as an exchange student, so she gets to live with Taiwanese families for a year and go to a Taiwanese school, really submerging in the Taiwanese culture. Of course, as soon as she found out she was going to Taiwan for a whole year I started saving to go see her. I mean, to be able to be part of an awesome Taiwanese family while travelling around Taipei with your sister– how many times can that happen??

So last January I flew to Taiwan for 15 days and it was AMAZING. Of course, I have tons of information to share from my trip. Taiwan doesn’t seem to be a very popular destination for western tourists (something that seems to be changing now) so it is not the easiest place to find information about. With the help of my sister (she obviously knows the city better than me), I have written a couple of posts about visiting Taiwan, and more specific Taipei. One will be some tips and tricks to make your visit easier and, hopefully, cheaper, and another one with our favourite spots, what was worth visiting and what wasn’t worth the hype.

For now I will share these pictures my sister took of me on my last day in Taipei. I LOVE the hoodie that I am wearing, which I bought there. It’s a hoodie/dress with distressed denim sleeves and patches on the sleeves (funny enough, this was before Zara put patches everywhere) and writing in the back. I was searching high and low for a cool hoodie dress in London and I found sooo many in Taipei! But this one was definitely the coolest. I thought finding cheap (modern) clothes would be easier than it actually was in Taiwan. You can find really cheap clothes in the markets but you have to search well to get some good quality finds. But can find  very peculiar and special designs that you won’t find anywhere else, so keep your eyes peeled!

I found this hoodie in a shop that didn’t even have name. It was definitely hit and miss in there, but that’s part of the fun!

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Shoes are Nike and bag Skinnydip (Topshop)

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